Work Experience

Technical Program Manager


January 2022 - June 2022

  • Created Kotlin-based instructional content for app development and provided technical support to students.
  • Managed course logistics, including scheduling sessions, reviewing submissions, and collaborating with managers.
  • Promote enrollment via presentations and info distribution leading to 80+ student applications.
  • Worked closely with Regional Program Manager and CodePath.org team to address student feedback and enhance learning experience.


Check out some of my most recent projects!


An intelligent note-taking app with AI integration, built with OpenAI, Pinecone, Next.js, Shadcn UI, Clerk, and more.

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Web Analytics Dashboard

A web application with a custom, secured web analytics dashboard and reporting system.

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An android app to plan a trip to the San Diego Zoo, optimizing routes for minimal walking to desired exhibits.

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An accessible platform/social application for crowdsourcing volunteers for humanitarian and art-based community efforts.

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Learning From Health

A data science project that leverages data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop predictive models for income, based on health statistics such as diabetes, cholesterol, and kidney disease.

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An android app that allows a user to view his Twitter timeline and post a new tweet. The app utilizes Twitter REST API.

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